Epiphone EET4LANNH3 Acoustic Elect Guitar

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Texan Acoustic Guitar
Epiphone EET4LANNH3 Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Antique Natural


Ltd Ed Inspired by “1964” Texan (LEFT-HANDED) – in Antique Natural


If you are looking for an affordable guitar for yourself or for one of your children the Epiphone EET4LANNH3 guitars are an excellent choice. The low price of $100 to $200, depending on whether your got it on sale or not, The Epiphone guitars are an excellent choice.

The Epiphone offers a dreadnought body, which is larger than the traditional guitar body. The larger size delivers a richer, fuller sound. The sound quality woud make you think it was a far more expensive guitar brand.

The Epiphone EET4LANNH3

The mahogany. body produces a rich, resonant sound.so this wood is favored by master guitar designers. When you add to this the spruce top you have an instrument that can produce a full warm tone. Whether high or low, the sounds are crisp and rich.

If you are buying a guitar for one of your children, the DR-100 is a great choice for a beginner. Young people are often drawn by the idea of producing great music that will impress their friends, but may soon lose their enthusiasm when they realize it takes time to study and learn to play like their favorite music idols.

Epiphone EET4LANNH3

With the relatively low price of the Epiphone guitars, they can try out and see whether they will dedicate the effort and determination to develop their musical dream. Yet as so often happens, it the lose interest, you won’t be out the hundreds of dollars of high priced guitar brands.

The Epiphone guitars are so affordable, you might feel you found an unusual bargain. And in fact you are because these guitars deliver the sound richness such as you would get from an expensive, exclusive brand.

Epiphone EET4LANNH3 Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Antique Natural




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